Remember Clippy? Well, it turns out he has gotten a new job as a back spring in the plunger of a pen.

One day due to a clumsy human, Clippy fell from the pen. Help Clippy find the way back to his workstation before it is too late.

Use his ability to jump and bounce all around and get inside the RED CUP before his pen boss gets there. Hopefully Clippy avoids more damage to his reputation.

* Hold Mouse To Compress, release to release Clippy
* Press Enter to go Next Level
* Press P to go to Previous Level
* Press Space to stand up
* Press R to Reset
* Press Q to go to Main Menu


  • Alex Hans – Programmer / Sound Effects
  • Rodrigo Gómez – Programmer / Animator
  • Rafael Abayay – 3D Artist
  • Antonio Martinez – Game Designer / Level Design
  • Joaquin Romero - Music

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